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No Fix No Fee



If I am unable to solve your problem there is no fee.

Standard fee

I charge £50 per hour for my services, charged in half hour increments. The only exceptions are the removal of viruses and the PC Health Check (see below).

Hardware, software and consumables are charged separately.

Remote support

Often the help you require may be best provided by me having a quick look at your problem remotely and offering advice without your having to bring the machine to me. I charge £25 for this service if it takes under 1/2 an hour and £50 per hour thereafter. This is dependent on your having an active internet connection.

Virus Removal

There is a flat rate of £75 for this service.

PC Health Check

The PC that you own will inevitably slow down as you install more software and store more files on the hard drive. Sometimes, however, a PC will slow down to the extent that it becomes a pain to use.

Alternatively you may find that your computer use is dogged by error messages or crashes that interrupt your activities to a frustrating extent.

The Health Check is a thorough check and adjustment of your machine that will improve its speed, reduce error messages and free-up space.

I charge a flat rate of £85 for this service.


I buy hardware for specific requirements and tailor it to your needs. Please call me to discuss your requirements and I will provide you with a quote as soon as possible.