Hardware & software

No requirement is too small – please give me a call

Laptop repairs

Laptops are particularly vulnerable to broken screens and keyboards. I can quote you for a repair of these. It may not be as expensive as you'd expect.


PCs become out of date very quickly because of the speed of technological progress. I can help minimise your expense by extending your PC's life with an upgrade.

Contact me with the make and model of your PC and I will find out what upgrades are available and what these would cost.

On some occasions I may advise that an upgrade is not worthwhile. In these instances I am happy to advise on the options available for purchase.

I can build entire systems built to your specifications or provide individual upgrade components such as graphics cards, DVD CD writer/burners.


It can be daunting opening up your computer and trying to make sense of its internal workings. Often the manuals that accompany new hardware are a challenge too. I can install any hardware you buy whether bought from JPH Computer Services or elsewhere.


It can be very difficult to know whether new hardware is compatible with your current system. If you wish, you may call me for expert advice before making a purchase.


Most popular software installs smoothly. However, with so many products available, occasionally conflicts occur that disrupt the performance of your system. There may also be problems when a computer is installed with 'demos' and 'freeware' which are found on magazine cover discs and the internet.

I have the tools to clean up your system and remove the niggling problems caused by installing and uninstalling lots of software.

I can also offer advice on purchasing software when you wish to achieve specific tasks. If you want to create your own website, for example, I can advise you on the best product to buy at a price you can afford.